A common question we receive from you is

“I don't have rafting equipment, do we buy it from you, rent it, how does it work“?

All the necessary rafting equipment is provided for your use by us. All you need to bring is a swimsuit or shorts to wear over the wetsuit you will receive from us.

You will be issued with a rafting suit before embarking on the descent and will return it after completing the descent. All equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each user.

Our equipment is brand new, made by renowned global manufacturers specialized in producing this type of equipment - HIKO and AQUA. All our equipment is certified and greatly exceeds all standards prescribed by the regulations. The safety and security of our guests are our top priority.




A mandatory part of the equipment. All participants are required to wear a life jacket during rafting. The life jacket is quite similar to the standard life jackets you receive on a boat cruise or similar, but this is a jacket specifically designed for extreme waters and ensures buoyancy, making it impossible to sink if you happen to fall out of the boat. We note that situations of falling out of the boat are extremely rare but possible.



A mandatory piece of equipment. Protects against potential head impacts. Made from flexible plastic and lined with waterproof foam. Also from renowned manufacturers. We offer helmets with mounts for GO PRO cameras, which you can rent from us if you want to capture your rafting adventure.



Not a mandatory piece of equipment, but we recommend wearing them. They are made of a special material - neoprene.

They protect you from cold water. Neoprene suits are not waterproof; on the contrary, they let a small amount of water in, which then warms up due to your body heat, providing necessary insulation from the cold Tara River water.

Many of our guests do not want to wear suits in high summer temperatures, and you are not obliged to do so, but we advise it. Ultimately, the choice is yours. We have suits in all sizes and a complete set of equipment for children.



Not a mandatory piece of equipment, but as with the suits, we recommend wearing them. Also made from neoprene, they protect your feet from the cold.



Not a mandatory piece of equipment. These jackets resemble so-called windbreakers and protect against extreme cold or heavy rain. They are used only during the spring and autumn periods.



High-quality rafts made from the finest rubber, specially designed for fast and extreme waters. The rafts come in various sizes, usually accommodating 6-10 passengers.



Paddles used to navigate the rafts.



Each raft is equipped with a waterproof bag for storing your belongings. However, we do not recommend bringing valuables on the rafting trip, and we are not responsible for any loss or damage to mobile phones, cameras, or similar items. If you want to capture your rafting adventure, we suggest using a GO PRO camera, which you can rent from us.

Cameras can be rented at the reception. The rental fee for a camera is 15€. You can mount the camera on your helmet (if you plan to rent a camera, ask for a helmet with a camera mount when picking up your equipment from the gear room). In this case, you can record and take pictures of whatever you want.

The second option is to purchase footage from us. All our guides wear GO PRO cameras on their helmets to record the most exciting moments, and you can buy the footage at the reception. The price for the footage is 15€.

17 Leader


Undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of the entire rafting adventure. These individuals ensure and guarantee your safety. All our guides have undergone training and hold licenses issued by the Ministry of the Republic of Srpska, which regulates this area of tourism.

Most of them also hold licenses from the International Rafting Federation.

Please listen to your guide without question, as many of them grew up along the banks of the Tara River and know every rock and rapid like the back of their hand.



Yes. All our equipment is cleaned and disinfected. We guarantee that all our equipment is washed and disinfected after each use.

After you finish rafting, your guides will wash your equipment first in a solution of regular water and asepsol / aseptan.

After washing, all clothing, equipment, helmets, and paddles are disinfected and left to dry. The best way to dry the suits is in an open, well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight.

If that's not possible, the suits are dried in a room with air heaters.

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