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A place for your active vacation in the heart of nature. We can accommodate over 380 rafting and adrenaline activity enthusiasts or simply nature lovers. We are located on the banks of the Drina River, just 1 km from its source - the Drina River is formed by the confluence of the Tara and Piva rivers. Our guests' accommodation is in beautiful wooden bungalows with private bathrooms. We offer a wide selection of gourmet, 100% homemade food and drinks in our national cuisine restaurant. We organize rafting, canyoning, photo-safari, horse riding, zip-line, and hiking daily. We especially recommend riding our brand new ATV quad bikes and paintball.






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WHY CHOOSE Rafting center RT?

We are open from April to October. We organize rafting on the Tara river every day. We are known for our excellent domestic food and top-notch nightlife with live music.

Almost all of our bungalows have their own bathrooms and heating, while superior bungalows also have a TV, mini bar, safe, kitchenette, heating...
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Although we are located on the bank of the Drina River, we remind you that its temperature, even in August, reaches a maximum of 17 degrees.
Our Food
The food at RT center is homemade, authentic food from these areas, traditional, prepared on the spot, on the same day... We bring groceries several times a week from nearby markets and farms, grown by our farmers.
Parties at the RT Center are already widely known, and we have live music five days a week. Although our restaurant can accommodate over 500 guests, we always have a high demand for tables. The large number of guests that the RT Center can accommodate contributes to a great atmosphere and allows for young people to meet each other.


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Package Offers

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od 150€
Three-day weekend arrangement with transportation
4 obroka 25km Raftinga 2 noćenja

Arrangement with organized transportation, 2 nights, 4 meals, and rafting

od 90€
Two-day rafting
3 obroka 25km Raftinga 1 noćenje

An arrangement with 1 night stay, 3 meals, and 25 km rafting on the Tara River

od 140€
Arrangement with 3 nights
7 obroka 25km Raftinga 3 noćenja

Arrangement with 3 nights, 7 meals and rafting on the Tara River

od 220€
Rafting from the top of Tara river 2 nights
6 obroka 100km Raftinga 2 noćenja

The arrangement includes 2 nights, 6 meals, and 100 km of rafting

od 270€
Rafting from the top of Tara River 3 nights
8 obroka 100km Raftinga 3 noćenja

An arrangement with 3 nights, 8 meals, and 100km of rafting on the Tara River

od 165€
Rafting on Tara River and Safari in Sutjeska National Park
6 obroka 25km Raftinga 2 noćenja

Arrangement with 2 nights, 6 meals, 25 km of rafting, and 70 km of photo safari in NP Sutjeska

od 240€
5 days of adventure: Rafting + Canyoning + Safari
11 obroka 25km Raftinga 4 noćenja

4 nights, 11 meals, rafting on the Tara river, canyoning, and photo safari

od 130€
Rafting and Trnovacko Lake
6 obroka 25km Raftinga 2 noćenja

Arrangement with 2 nights, 6 meals, 25 km of rafting, and a 70 km photo safari tour including a visit to Trnovačko Lake.

od 170€
Kanjoning Nevidiom i rafting
6 obroka 25km Raftinga 2 noćenja

od 155€
Three-day arrangement with Sarajevo.
5 obroka 25km Raftinga 2 noćenja

Arrangement with 2 nights, 5 meals, 25 km rafting, and a visit to Sarajevo

od 120€
Three-day Tara River Rafting - the most popular package
5 obroka 25km Raftinga 2 noćenja

Package with 2 nights, 5 meals and rafting on the most attractive part of the Tara river

od 30€
Canyon Piva and Piva Lake
0 obroka 0km Raftinga 0 noćenja

One of the most vivid and attractive canyons in the region


For Those Who Choose Quality

Our guests are accommodated in beautiful wooden bungalows. Almost all bungalows have their own bathroom and we also have bungalows with a kitchen, mini bar, safe, TV...

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Team building

Corporate Program

With our large capacity for accommodation, numerous activities, and special group prices, Rafting Center RT is an excellent choice for all types of team building for your employees.


Team Buildings

More than 350 reputable companies from the region

380 beds located in bungalows and rooms distributed in 100 bungalows

90% of our bungalows have their own bathroom and heating

We have several superior category bungalows (with TV, mini bar, safe, kitchen...) for directors, managers and/or company owners

In addition to mandatory rafting, we organize numerous excursions daily (canyoning, hiking, safari, horseback riding...)

At Your Disposal

Upcoming Activities

Quad Driving
Foto Safari
Zip line
Hiking and Trekking
Trip to Trnovacko Lake
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