Canyoning is a type of adventure-like activity that has taken a peak a few years ago. He is practicing in the canyons that have been sanding the walls for thousands of years and made swimming pools, lakes, rapids and waterfalls on their way. Silent river turns into a sparkling battle of rock and water. We find a series of waterfalls, small cascades and squirting in blue resources. View of this scene makes a unique experience. This activity requires a little better physical equipment as well as equipment – neoprene suit, boots, protective helmet, safety vest, anorak, waterproof sacks, safety ropes.

We offer two canyons.

The Nevidio Canyon is located in the central part of Montenegro. Here Komarnica River suddenly gets lost in a strangely entangled entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye.

Hidden in an inaccessible terrain for a long time attracted attention and curiosity, but there were little organized attempts to get to know it and explore. The first serious attempts failed and the canyon was until 1965 the last unassembled canyon of Europe. Those years are members of the P.S.D. Javorak from Niksic, although with scarce equipment, passed the canyon and introduced to the world long hidden, wild and stunning beauty of the canyon 2km long. Most of the canyon is in eternal shadow. Due to virtually vertical walls, the sun’s rays can not reach the bottom. The width of the canyon in some places is less than one meter, and some parts can be passed only with the help of alpine equipment.

Today the Nevidio canyon finds its place in the tourist offer as a unique tourist attraction. The unmistakable beauty of the seals, cascades and sparkling beech that the Nevidio canyon keeps is a good reason to visit the jewel of this region.

The second is the canyon of the Hrčavka River, which is the largest tributary of Sutjeska, and is located on the mountain Zelengora. It runs through its entire length through the National Park Sutjeska. It springs between the Zelenogra’s mountain ridge: Planika (1,795 m), Ljubina Foba (1,815 m), Orlovača (1,960 m) and Kozje strane (2,014 m).

The canyon of Hrčavka is one of the most beautiful and last conquered canyon in Europe, and canyoning experts claim that it is one of the most attractive. It is open for visitors in 2014. The canyon passes through the conquest of a number of attractive obstacles, jumps, climbing with regular rest breaks and photographs.