Walking is a form of physical activity that is based on walking in nature along various paths usually beyond marked paths. Hiking is written in the genes. As a form of sports recreation, fast or sporty, hiking can enable us, regardless of age and whether we are or not engaging in sport, to achieve and maintain an enviable physical and mental condition. Regular hiking impacts positively on health and good mood, as it increases lung capacity and the flow of oxygen by the organism. It also increases cardiac capacity and stabilizes blood pressure, increases muscle mass, strength, endurance and mobility of muscle tissue, relaxes, relaxes, protects against the devastating effects of everyday stress and makes the man more satisfied.

National Park Sutjeska is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, here is the last rainforest in Europe – Perućica as well as the parts of the Maglić Mountains (the largest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Volujak, Vučeva and Zelengora gems. NP Sutjeska has 9 marked paths for hiking and those who want to experience beautiful untouched nature.

Visitors usually choose paths on Zelengora for hiking tours in the length of about 2-4 km, which includes sightseeing of glacier lakes and beautiful viewpoints, and according to the weight of the passage, they belong to light paths.

In addition to Zelengora and its lakes, they offer more and more difficult trails requiring caution, good physical fitness, adequate footwear and walking equipment.