Hiking or trekking is a fantastic way to make the most of your nature vacation, in addition to adrenaline-filled rafting. This is the perfect way to explore the surrounding nature in the best possible way.

The path we take is not always known and explored. Trails often do not exist, and an experienced guide is mandatory. However, landscapes that are not often visited and that appear before your eyes for the first time are the best reward for your effort.

Tip: comfortable shoes (sneakers or ankle boots) are mandatory, long pants and sleeves, sunscreen lotion, and a hat. Bring your own or rent a GoPro camera from us.

New in our offer. Last season we had several opportunities to take interested people on a climb to Maglić peak.
If you didn't know, this is the highest peak in BiH.
The activity is not for everyone and requires good physical fitness and serious equipment.

The trip is full day and quite demanding, but you don't have to be an experienced mountaineer or professional. The presence of an experienced guide is mandatory, and we ask you to take this seriously and never try to reach the top alone.

Tip: comfortable shoes (sneakers or ankle boots) are mandatory, long pants and sleeves, sunscreen lotion, and a hat. Bring your own or rent a GoPro camera from us.


Let's protect nature, we don't have another one…

On your mountaineering trips, you will have the opportunity to meet other mountaineers, and it is important to know the unwritten rules of behavior.

Mountain trails are often narrow and require passing or returning.

  • Hikers going up have priority over those going down.
  • It is polite to greet other hikers, and those going up should greet those going down first and thus symbolically pay tribute to their achievement.
  • Don't litter, collect your waste in one bag and take it with you to the valley or the designated area.
  • Be quiet, do not shout, do not play loud music, be unobtrusive and moderate.
  • If you make a fire, never do it in the forest. Always encircle the fireplace with stones and make sure to extinguish it before continuing on.
  • Don't pick flowers just to bring them home where they will die in a few days. Take pictures of the beautiful nature instead.
  • Always adjust the pace of the hike to the weakest member of the group.
  • Hiking is not a competition, in the mountains, the stronger help the weaker.
  • If you come across damaged signs, directions, trails...repair them to the best of your abilities.
  • If you receive help from locals, who often welcome you with open arms and the tastiest local products, repay them appropriately.
  • In the event of an accident in the mountains, participate in the rescue action according to your abilities and resources.
  • Never leave anyone alone in the mountains.
  • Always exchange information with other hikers about your further directions and plans. This information is of the utmost importance in case of accidents in the mountains.

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories and impressions, kill nothing but time…

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