The Trnovacko Lake is surrounded by the mountains Maglic, Volujak, Bioc, Vlasulja, and Trnovacki Durmitor.

Once again, we can see how powerful nature is from the example of Trnovacko Lake. This lake has a heart-shaped form, which is very interesting to numerous tourists who decide to visit it. This "heart" of bluish-green color is 825 meters long, 715 meters wide, and as much as nine meters deep. It is fed by water through the atmosphere and smaller springs.

What is very characteristic is that on the shallow western part of the lake, the water is clear and colorless in a thin layer, while as the lake becomes deeper towards the east, the water turns more and more green. Without human influence, over time and by nature, this lake has been arousing curiosity in numerous adventurers for years, who are eager to test their abilities, ready to surrender to everything that nature provides and take the best from it.

If you are a hiking enthusiast, Trnovacko Lake may be the right choice for you because it can be reached by forest path from Tjentiste and katuns at Prijevor. Further from Prijevor, the path goes through the dry lakebed, and it takes two hours to reach the lake on foot.

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