Zip line represents the transition from one side of the hill to another with the help of a specially mounted cable. It originated from the need to overcome the gorges and deep rivers in non-accessible areas, where it was not possible to build a bridge or another approach. Today, zip line is mostly used for tourist and entertainment purposes.

The adrenaline experience of zip-line in Plužine starts from “Eko-Piva”, passes through the well-known Piva Lake where you take a short pause for photography, and then you return to the Piva Lake. The length of the Zip Line is 1400 meters, which is the largest zip line in Montenegro. Freedom, feeling of control, self-confidence is what can overwhelm you when your body is lying in the air and underneath you are looking at the natural beauties of the lake and you go to meet the famous bridge in the Pivsko jezero. This adrenaline attraction is above all completely safe, and at the same time very popular in the world and attracts a great number of tourists and adventurers. It is a feeling that can not be described and must be experienced!