Transportation on rafting

If the only obstacle between you and this exciting adventure is having no means of transportation - you are in the right place!


We are the ONLY ones who provide transport 100% LEGALLY. All passengers receive transport contracts and are insured during the journey.

It is important to emphasize that we do NOT REQIRE A MINIMAL NUMBER OF APLICANTS, the transportation is GUARANTEED even in case you apply ALONE.

If you are from Novi Sad you can pay for the transportation at our representative office - TravelLine Agency (21 Jovana Subotica Street / office 1, Novi Sad), more information at, tel.: 021/6610745 or If you are from other cities and are not able to come to our representative office, we can complete all necessary formalities by e-mail. We would like to emphasize that our agency holds the license of the Ministry of Tourism of a tour operator, registered under No. 24/2017 as well as the travel guarantee no. 14670006764 of Dunav osiguranje a.d.o. with an insurance amount of 300,000 Euros.

Considering that the comfort and safety of our passengers are our main priority, we provide transport with buses and minibuses of high tourist category, and from this season it is possible to arrange transport by luxury VIP vehicles. Professional drivers will make your trip safe, and our licensed guides will take care of your comfort and border formalities.

Additionally, if there are several of you, or you wish for your group to have a van, a minibus or a bus just for you, then you are also in the right place because we have vehicles from 6 to 90 seats the price of which depends on the place of departure and residence time.

Due to great interest, we are pleased to announce that since this season, we have made additional departures in addition to the departures you are already used to:


* We have kept the well - known departure EVERY FRIDAY at 15:00h from Novi Sad, or 16:30h from Belgrade

More information at the following link ubaciti link


* From this season, we also introduced

- a departure on Friday at 8:00h from Novi Sad, or 9:30h from Belgrade.

More information at the following link ubaciti link

- as well as a departure on Saturday at 22:00h from Novi Sad and 23:30h from Belgrade.

More information at the following link ubaciti link