The Nevidio Canyon

The Nevidio Canyon is located in the central part of Montenegro. The canyon is also called Nevidjbog (The Unseen) by the inhabitants of the area, and rightly so, because the Komarnica River suddenly disappears into a strangely carved hole and becomes invisible to the human eye. Its surrounding is one of the most beautiful places in the Durmitor area. The beauty of this area also includes the village of Pošćenje with two glacial lakes, the periodic Skakavica Waterfall, the water of which plummets from a seventy meters high rock, and then flows into the Komarnica River.

Remote and hidden on inaccessible terrain, it has long attracted attention and curiosity but there have been few organized attempts to visit and explore it. The first serious attempts were unsuccessful and, until 1965, the canyon was the last undefeated canyon in Europe. That year members of P.S.D. Maple from Nikšić, though with scarce equipment, passed the canyon and presented to the world the long hidden, wild and stunning beauty of the 2km long canyon. Much of the canyon is in perpetual shade. Due to the almost vertical rocks, the sun's rays cannot reach the bottom. The width of the canyon in some places is less than one meter, and some parts can only be reached using climbing equipment.

Today, the Nevidio Canyon finds its place in the tourist offer as a unique tourist attraction. Thanks to the modern age and the use of the internet and social networks, this attractive canyon is becoming increasingly known to all fans of extreme sports. The inimitable beauty of the straits, cascades and sparkling waterfalls hidden in the Nevidio Canyon is reason enough to visit this jewel of the region. However, although it does not require special fitness, going through the canyon is by no means recommended without experienced guides.

The season for visits begins in July, or if the water level of the Komarnica River is lower, then slightly earlier and ends in September - if the weather permits, the season may be slightly extended.


Travel itinerary

We begin this adventure in the morning, around 9am. We set off in our ATVs and along the way we have an opportunity to see the unreal surroundings of the Durmitor Mountain. Feel free to capture the beauty with your cameras. Please note that although the canyon is only 50km away from our campsite, it takes about 2.5h to get there. In addition to good physical fitness, the adventure, which usually takes 2-3 hours, also requires the right equipment - a long diving suit with a thickness of at least 5 mm due to the extremely low water temperature of only 7-8 degrees, shoes that can move more easily on slippery rocks, a helmet, an anorak, a safety vest, ropes ... Of course you will get all this from us. After arriving at the starting point, we change into the aforementioned suit and begin our canyoning adventure. The feelings of adrenaline, challenge, joy, risk, excitement, effort will alternate during this exciting adventure. We promise you a day to remember. After leaving the canyon, we change into dry clothes and return to our camp, summarizing our impressions along the way.


Price: 99e
The arrangement includes
    • Canyoning activity, all the necessary canyoning equipment (a neoprene suit, neoprene boots, a safety helmet, a safety vest, an anorak, waterproof bags, safety ropes)
    • The transport of participants by our off-road vehicles
    • Licensed Guides
    • All taxes and insurance
    • Lunch
The arrangement does not include
    • Drinks at “Rafting Center RT”
    • Individual expenses
General notes
  • Approximate duration of the excursion is 0h
  • No previous experience required
  • The minimum number of participants for the arrangement is 4 persons
  • Hours in the description of the arrangement are not fixed and may vary depending on the wishes and needs of guests

This arrangement can be combined or extended by other arrangements in our offer