About Zelengora


Zelengora is certainly one of the most beautiful mountains in the Balkans, rich in natural diversity and richness, as evidenced for that is the fact that a large part of it is part of National Park Sutjeska. Famous for its large number of glacial lakes, the most famous are Kotlaničko lake, Orlovačko Lake, Širinsko lake, Donje bare, Gornje bareetc. It is very important for tourists, hikers and cyclists. On its slopes begin to be held a number of events that promote clean air and rich diversityof plant and animal kingdom.

About hiking

Walking is a form of physical activity that is based on walking in nature along various paths. Hiking is written in the genes. As a form of sports recreation, fast or sport, hiking can enable us, regardless of age and whether we are or not engaging in sport, to achieve and maintain an enviable physical and mental condition. Regular hiking impacts positively on health and good mood, as it increases lung capacity and the flow of oxygen by the organism. It also increases cardiac capacity and stabilizes blood pressure, increases muscle mass, strength, endurance and mobility of muscle tissue, relaxes, relaxes, protects against the devastating effects of everyday stress and makes the man more satisfied.




After breakfast departure with our jeeps to Zelengora. We come to Lake Lower bars, which is the starting point of the tour at 1490m above sea level. This stroll will lead you through the history and the beautiful landscapes of the oldest national park Sutjeska. From the lake Donje bare walking forward over the top at 1620m Planinica to Siljevice at 1772m above sea level, where we make a short break for refreshment and relaxation. We continue the tour through Vilinjak located at 1762m altitude back to Lake Lower ponds are waiting vehicles that we will return to camp.

Price excursion 50€

Price includes:

  • Transportation of participants with our off-road vehicles
  • 2 meals
  • Guide
  • all associated fees


  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • The minimum number of participants for the realization of the arrangement is 4 persons
  • The terms in the description of the arrangement are not fixed and can be changed depending on the wishes and needs of the guests
  • This arrangement can be combined or extended with other arrangements from our offer by agreement

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