Rafting Tara

About Rafting

Rafting is an exciting, adventurous activity in which the participants seated on rubber boats, with the help of a guide - skipper descend down the rapids of stirred rivers. The popularity of this activity is increasing year by year. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists flock down the Tara River from all over the world.

Not only is the Tara River one of the last wild rivers in Europe, but its canyon is one of the longest and deepest river canyons in the world, just after the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, USA. The most attractive part of the Tara River for a rafting adventure is the one which our guests have the opportunity to try. The part from the starting point - Brštanovica to our “Rafting center RT” is the most exciting 25km of the river. In this section the Tara River offers beautiful scenery, waterfalls and rapids, and the water is so clear that you won't resist trying it.

Rafting is performed by high quality rubber boats that are specially made for wild waters, having a capacity of 6 - 10 persons, operated by our experienced and licensed skippers.

The skippers have received training and are certified by the International Rafting Federation (IRF). Of course, each of them has a large number of descents down the Tara River; they know every stone and every sound on the river by heart. For them, it is primarily a pleasure and a way of life, and only then a job.


Rafting program

We usually start the rafting adventure after breakfast. Approximately around 10 a.m.

Note: Depending on the arrangement, the hours may vary.

Before each departure down the river, all participants receive the necessary rafting equipment from us. link na opremu After a short course where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the program as well as the rules of behavior on the boat and in certain situations, you are ready to set off. You are seated in a given order in our jeeps / vans (which have been numbered) and you leave for Brštanovica – the starting point. We emphasize that the given seating arrangement applies only to the vehicles that take you from the “Rafting center RT” to the starting point of the rafting. We will do our best to place one company in the same vehicle, but sometimes this is impossible to achieve. After arriving at the starting point of this exciting adventure, you will be seated in the boats according to your wishes and in agreement with the skipper - guide. After a briefing on boat safety and rules of behavior, your adventure begins. The rafting itself lasts about 3h - 4h, which in many respects depends on the speed of the Tara River. The Tara River is a mountain river and as such depends on its tributaries, precipitation and snowmelt. The general rule is that rafting is the most exciting and fastest in the spring months. During these 3h - 4h you will have the opportunity to feel the adrenaline of the biggest cascades, waterfalls, rapids. The scenery of the canyon itself, the nature that surrounds you, the Tara River will surely leave you breathless.

We recommend that you take with you GO PRO cameras that you can rent from us and capture these unforgettable moments. Please note that we are not responsible for the loss or possible damage to your phone or camera that you take to rafting.

If you are brave enough, you can bathe in the beautiful, crystal clear Tara water, which is drinkable throughout its course. You can also take breaks for taking pictures as many times as you would like. Rafting can last longer or shorter than the stated 3h - 4h, depending on the agreement of all participants on the boat.

We emphasize that it is absolutely essential that you follow the instructions of the skipper on each boat, since he is responsible for your safety.

The final point of the rafting i.e. destination is our “Rafting center RT”, where you leave the boat and unload the equipment.

Drinking alcohol before and during rafting is strictly forbidden. Rafting is an extreme sport and it is our obligation to minimize potential injuries. We kindly ask you to take this ban seriously.