Photo jeep safari through Sutjeska National Park with ATV quad rides

difficulty of the tour - easy, duration of the tour around 8h, we recommend combining it with other arrangements)

A fantastic opportunity to try driving new, powerful, large ATVs (all terrain vehicles). The inaccessible landscapes of the beautiful Sutjeska National Park are made for the adrenaline rush of these powerful machines.

The Sutjeska National Park is the oldest National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located here is the only remaining rainforest in Europe - Perućica. Here is also the highest peak in the Republic of Srpska - Maglić - 2386m above sea level.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Tjentište and the memorial complex "Valley of the Heroes". The Battle of Sutjeska in June 1943 was the decisive battle of the fifth enemy offensive by which the Yugoslav partisans made a breakthrough from the axle hoop, shattering German forces and claiming a decisive victory. 

The program of the arrangement

Departure to this exciting adventure is in the morning, after breakfast from our “Rafting center RT”. We embark on a tour with our all-terrain vehicles. A chance to get a better look at the surroundings of our “Rafting center RT”. The road leads us along the magnificent Drina River. Arrival to Tjentište, where you will have the opportunity to learn a bit of history when you visit the memorial complex "Valley of the Heroes". After a short break we continue in our off - road vehicles to the Sutjeska National Park and there is a possibility to rent ATV-quads at Tjentište and continue with them. The roads are designed for you to try these powerful machines, and in a unique way see the untouched nature that surrounds us. After visiting the Sutjeska National Park and the magnificent vantage points, clearings, trails, we return to our “Rafting center RT” tired but full of vivid memories and photographs.