Rafting is performed by rubber boats specially designed for wild water.

These are high-quality boats with a capacity of 8-10 people, managed (driven) by our experienced and licensed skippers.

Of course, all skippers have a great experience and a large number of rafting descends down the Tara river. All of them have certificates issued by IRF (International Rafting Federation). They know each stone and every rapid on the river, for them it is primarily a pleasure and a way of life, and then a job.

Before the rafting began, in one short course, we will introduce you to the rafting program itself and what awaits you on the river, how to behave in a boat in certain situations, and then we will leave you with the magic of this wild river where you will enjoy the rapids and embrace this magnificent mountain beauty.

But of course, to fully enjoy all this and that such a trip would be pleasant and primarily safe and secure, we need the appropriate raft equipment.

During the summer tourist season, the water temperature is at most 11-12 degrees of Celsius and without quality protective neoprene suits and raft boots, which have the role of heating and protecting you, that comfort would certainly not be complete, and when you add the protective helmet and high-quality rescue vest, then you are really ready to go and fearlessly confront the magnificent Tara and her rapids

In each boat, there are waterproof bags in which you can leave cameras and mobile phones.

Rafting equipment:

Vest – that is attested for fast and wild water, which keeps you on the surface in case of falling out of the boat

Helmet – also approved for wild water and his purpose is to protect you from possible injuries

5mm neoprene suits – which have the function to warm you during rafting

Neoprene boots – which also heats the leg on the same system as a suit and prevents them from possible injuries when leaving the boat