One of the best ways to get to know the surroundings of the camp located at the border of NP Durmitor, Sutjeska and the Nature Park of Piva, as it really is, is spacious, with its wild untouched location, authentic areas and settlements, is certainly a jeep safari.

We offer you the opportunity to visit the unreal areas of NP Sutjeska, then the only European rain forest – Perućice, waterfall Skakavac – altitude above 80m, mountain katuns, the historic complex Tjentište …


It is indispensable to visit and acknowledge the splendor of the north of Montenegro and the National Park Durmitor. Starting from the canyon of the river Piva, the magnificent dam of Mratinje, through Pluzine and the village of Trsa, down to Zabljak and Crno jezero, we visit the circle on the other side of Durmitor, the path of Momčilov grad, we drive lightly along the canyon of the Sušica river and along the Crkvičko polje to the Tara canyon we return to camp.

You only need to take your cameras and a good mood, and we’ll take care of the rest.